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Coronavirus (COVID 19)

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 – Our Products have been  Scientifically Tested and Approved, Kills Coronavirus SARS-COV 2, which when in a person is called COVID-19.

Can professional cleaning companies help?

All Buildings, Whether it’s an office, Schools, factories, Hotel's, waiting room, a nursing home, etc. The need for a thorough cleaning has never been more important as it is as of right now.

As a certified professional company, We will ensure that we are personally maintaining the correct hygiene practices to the highest standards by regularly disinfecting equipment and wearing personal protection equipment to reduce the likelihood of spreading the virus.

Homes and business can be cleaned using specialist solutions and equipment which will assist in the fight against COVID-19 The Floor Clinic use the best that’s available in the industry currently.   We cannot (nor can anyone else) categorically at the present time eliminate COVID-19. Only the virus can be killed.

Please do not be mislead by claims by companies that cannot be backed up scientifically.

 Guidelines from the HSE.ie

We, as professionals, can only recommend that we all follow the recommended official guidelines from the various  official websites  HSE.ie 


 What Is Coronavirus? 

 This is a basic ‘enveloped’ virus. The virus is enclosed by a lipid membrane (a fat like substance,) this membrane (envelope) is used by the virus to attach itself to the host cell, the virus then penetrates the host cell and replicates itself. The envelope is actually quite fragile, and susceptible to changes in temperature, pH levels and disinfectants.

Like most enveloped viruses, outside of the human body they are very weak and easily destroyed with hot water and disinfectant (hence all the media advice to wash your hands!)  Needless to say, you cannot kill viruses so easily once they are inside the human body, so never, ever consume a disinfectant! No matter Who suggests it!!!

There are various agents that are effective against enveloped viruses, the most well known version is probably alcohol, such as in hand sanitisers, it works very quickly but it evaporates so how long it will last is limited.

We use a fogging machine to sanitise an entire room.  It‘s actually best applied by misting, not by cloth (cloths can cross contaminant!)

 The Product we use is a  dual action Pre-cleaner and Sanitiser that will safely clean and protect the home or business by removing harmful bacteria, viruses and odours.  It is an Anti-Microbial, AntiBacterial, Anti-Viral and Anti-Fungal Sanitising Pre-Cleaner. Using the latest technology this product will instantly kill even the most deadly viruses such as HIV and Hepatitis B & C, bacteria: MRSA and Pseudomonas, plus fungi, algae, yeast and mildew. pH7.

Our cleaning solution and sanitiser has been laboratory tested and has been given EN 14476 approval that it kills 99.9999% of microbes including Coronavirus SARS-COV 2.

Our cleaning solution is particularly  useful in care homes, doctors’ surgeries, schools, basically any home or business where there has been an illness or any environment where virus and bacterial control is required. So hopefully you now understand how our products work! Clarification: Coronavirus SARS-COV 2 when in a person is known as COVID-19

The active ingredients in our cleaner and sanitiser have been tested and shown to be effective against Vaccinia virus, which is a surrogate for all enveloped viruses, of which coronavirus – and more specifically the strain COVID-19  – is one.

Our cleaning protocols clean and sanitise by eliminating viruses and bacteria asstated, striving to leave surfaces as clean as can be physically achieved at this time. Different cleaning protocols are available and will be presented to each enquirer.

The active ingredients in our Virus & Bacteria Cleaners & Sanitisers have been tested and proven to be effective against most known microbes, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould.

• Log kill of 6 – destroys 99.9999% of known microbes
• Leaves a lasting layer of protection (subject to environmental factors)
• Water based
• Non-toxic
• Safe for use with children, elderly & pets
• Bio degradable
• Suitable for use on all wet-cleanable surfaces – including your door handles, steering wheels, even your mobile phone!

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