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Tile/ Natural Stone


All hard floor surfaces which through the passage of time can start to look shabby. Deep cleaning with our equipment will lift the soil from even the most textured of surfaces, joints and grout lines however, in order to fully restore some of these an appropriate seal may be necessary.

The Floor clinic are Floor Care Specialists, providing cyclical deep clean and surface dressing treatments to premium  floors owners.

 We provide an expert service, using top of the range products and dressings, giving you, complete piece of mind.

 Floors periodically require professional deep cleaning to remove ground in surface deposits and to remove old surface dressings before a new surface dressing is applied.  The Seal provides a hygienic coating which protects the floor from penetrating staining and makes cleaning much more effective.

The Floor Clinic usees a tile & stone cleaning solution to restore the original shine and combined with our powerful extraction process your tiles and stone will be left sparkling clean. Dirt and Grime can absorb into the pores of grout and no amount of elbow grease on your part will remove that dirt. The grout colouring can become uneven which makes the tiles and floors appear dirtier than they really are. The Floor Clinic extract the dirt and grime from your tile and floor surfaces and sealers are applied the same day to resist mould, mildew and dirt. Our cleaning process leaves your floors clean and ready to be walked on in only a couple of hours.


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13.12 | 14:20

Excellent result and service.

03.04 | 11:21

Good morning I have a large building which is a nursing home and has several floors that are of georgian period and require cleaning and restoring stone/timber

29.11 | 14:52

Could you give me a quote for vinyl flooring for a veterinary clinic please?
Approximately 1000 sq ft.